Synergy and realization
increase test development efficiency


TEST-OK Module design services

TEST-OK is founded on an innovation in functional testing, and has evolved into a full test development service company. We provide turn-key solutions for all kinds of test challenges keeping in sight our customer’s goals for quality, performance, cost and schedule. Our test solutions are implemented everywhere in Europe for a wide range of applications; industrial - , medical - , and automotive electronics but also home control, robotics and consumer electronics. Our knowledge and experience in these fields make it possible to offer a functional test solution within a short lead time.

To guarantee infallible performance at low costs, your specific test solution is designed and executed, based on TEST-OK standards which guarantees future compatibility and support. The number of TEST-OK modules for your products can expand and cover your future demands for test solutions. This results in further savings on the cost of ownership.

If you have an electronic development department, it is possible to develop a TEST-OK Module yourself and to make the necessary test commands in TEST-TRACK. During the development it is possible to work with our team electrical -, mechanical - and software engineers to ensure that the provided test solution fully meets your requirements.